Hei! I'am LIFE LoVer! :) My art name is Nesty Luna my real name is Anastasia or Ana

I'm full time Yoga Teacher. Nesty Yoga studio owner, an artist and a knitter. I love to travel. I've been in India, Caribbean, Europe and I dream to live one day in Spain, close to the sea and the rocks.
I love people, animals, travel, good food, yoga yoga yoga, climbing and all my free time I spend with yarns or paints :) Knitting and painting animals are my two biggest hobbies.
So here we are...people and all living creatures inspire me to do what I do and I do what I love.
As much as I remember myself I loved to draw and especially sketch. When I was a kid my mom asked me what I wanna do as hobby...draw or dance... I had to choose something one. Maybe parents did't have money or time. I chose dancing... I became a choreographer and later yoga teacher.  Art came back to me about ten years ago...I took one year art study at Estonian Art Academy.  After that i was painting and drawing...but couldn't find my style. In the end of 2018 I got cold and stayed home for two weeks. During this time I started to draw animals...and I loved it. Since then I draw and paint animals almost every day. I think eyes are the most important part of the painting...only eyes can give you this incredible connection  between you and your pet. I would love to paint your lovely pet.

Knitting was a thing I did during watching TV or movies in the evenings. I never can just sit, it seems like time is passing and I just loosing it. I always wanted to use this time. So knitting helped me to feel good and cozy. Now I knit for living :) I sell some knits in estonian design shops and here at this online shop I recently moved from etsy.

I hope you will support my small businesses. And I hope it will bring you joy and happy feeling.

Have fun in your life! Live fully...like every day is your best! I guess this is the most important thing to do...to be ;)

Love, Nesty